An awesome twin doula journey

My Twin Doula Journey I met Helen at the pregnancy circle I was running. This was her third pregnancy with a new partner, Rowan, and she had planned a homebirth. Her first baby was born in hospital by caesarean following a long and traumatic induction. Her second ended in a vaginal birth, but it too was induced.  The homebirth she had long for though appeared … Continue reading An awesome twin doula journey

Perineal Massage for Beginners

Do you love your perineum? You probably don’t think about it much. Unless you’ve had a baby before and then you become very aware of the presence of your perineum. The perineum is the area of skin and muscle between your vagina and anus. That’s the bit that has to stretch to around 10 cms diameter to enable your baby’s head to pass out of … Continue reading Perineal Massage for Beginners