An awesome twin doula journey

My Twin Doula Journey I met Helen at the pregnancy circle I was running. This was her third pregnancy with a new partner, Rowan, and she had planned a homebirth. Her first baby was born in hospital by caesarean following a long and traumatic induction. Her second ended in a vaginal birth, but it too was induced.  The homebirth she had long for though appeared … Continue reading An awesome twin doula journey

Conscious pregnancy and birth

A few years ago I studied with Kara Maria Ananda on her Conscious Birth Emissary course. It helped me expand my thoughts and awareness, and consolidate how I was feeling at the time about my work. I have long walked a path between holistic midwifery and the need to work within a medicalised system, and have found it enlightening – to be challenged in so … Continue reading Conscious pregnancy and birth

The Birth Pause

It was her first baby. She was well supported by her loving partner. They had planned and hoped for a gentle birth in the birth centre, using the hypnobirthing techniques they had learned together. But things had not quite gone that way. Here they were in a busy obstetric delivery suite, with white walls, a hospital bed and a monitor. Now I’m not one for … Continue reading The Birth Pause