The Birth Pause

It was her first baby. She was well supported by her loving partner. They had planned and hoped for a gentle birth in the birth centre, using the hypnobirthing techniques they had learned together. But things had not quite gone that way. Here they were in a busy obstetric delivery suite, with white walls, a hospital bed and a monitor. Now I’m not one for … Continue reading The Birth Pause

Perineal Massage for Beginners

Do you love your perineum? You probably don’t think about it much. Unless you’ve had a baby before and then you become very aware of the presence of your perineum. The perineum is the area of skin and muscle between your vagina and anus. That’s the bit that has to stretch to around 10 cms diameter to enable your baby’s head to pass out of … Continue reading Perineal Massage for Beginners

The Lowdown on Legal Rights in Birth

Many women go to extensive lengths to make informed choices during their pregnancy, labour and for their newborn baby. Some of these choices will mean they decline routine care offered by medical professionals. Unfortunately lots of these women end up feeling coerced and bullied into accepting care that they did not originally consent to. Some will even be threatened with a referral to social services … Continue reading The Lowdown on Legal Rights in Birth