Placenta Encapsulation in Cornwall

I am a very proud mama of one very chubtastically cute 9month old boy. After becoming pregnant I began to read a lot (!) of books about natural childbirth, becoming a little obsessed with wanting to give birth in the woods – don’t ask. Each book I read however talked about the benefits of consuming your placenta postpartum. This idea had never entered my head … Continue reading Placenta Encapsulation in Cornwall

Please Read our Birth Plan

Birth plans have become normal practice in the UK now. Most maternity notes should have a ready made space to discuss ‘birth preferences’. But how many women really consider what they put in their birthplan? And how many women feel that their birth plan was listened or adhered to? Birth is such an unknown that perhaps we shouldn’t even be making a ‘plan’.  Just like … Continue reading Please Read our Birth Plan

How can birthworkers focus our work?

Have you got a circle of women to support you in your birthwork? Women have come together in circles since ancient times to gain strength and frienship. I know my circle of birthworker friends has been so important in my journey as a midwife. Here in Cornwall I’m proud to be part of a band of women who are working together to support and empower … Continue reading How can birthworkers focus our work?