The Birth Pause

It was her first baby. She was well supported by her loving partner. They had planned and hoped for a gentle birth in the birth centre, using the hypnobirthing techniques they had learned together. But things had not quite gone that way. Here they were in a busy obstetric delivery suite, with white walls, a hospital bed and a monitor. Now I’m not one for … Continue reading The Birth Pause

What’s the ‘microbiome’ and how does it affect my baby?

 ‘…the baby is colonised by maternal vaginal and faecal bacteria’ (Midwife Thinking – great blog!) Sounds gross, doesn’t it? But read on… I was going to make what is hopefully my last pre-baby post (hint baby, hint!) about birth plans, but that’s altogether too mundane in comparison to what I’ve been reading about the Human Microbiome. I think it’s blown my mind. Luckily though there … Continue reading What’s the ‘microbiome’ and how does it affect my baby?

Baby Brain…or is it my inner monkey?

As we round week 30, I’m at that stage now where I feel like in all the bits of me where vital organs should be, there’s a bit of baby there instead. I am beginning to wonder whether my brain and my bladder have fallen out completely. While I think that, to a degree, the world expects and allows for pregnant women to be slower … Continue reading Baby Brain…or is it my inner monkey?