An awesome twin doula journey

My Twin Doula Journey I met Helen at the pregnancy circle I was running. This was her third pregnancy with a new partner, Rowan, and she had planned a homebirth. Her first baby was born in hospital by caesarean following a long and traumatic induction. Her second ended in a vaginal birth, but it too was induced.  The homebirth she had long for though appeared … Continue reading An awesome twin doula journey

Conscious pregnancy and birth

A few years ago I studied with Kara Maria Ananda on her Conscious Birth Emissary course. It helped me expand my thoughts and awareness, and consolidate how I was feeling at the time about my work. I have long walked a path between holistic midwifery and the need to work within a medicalised system, and have found it enlightening – to be challenged in so … Continue reading Conscious pregnancy and birth

Call the midwife? Call Mary Cronk!

I guess most British midwives will have heard of Ina May Gaskin, and perhaps Jennifer Worth of ‘Call the Midwife’ fame, but are you aware that we have our own midwifery legend living amongst us in the UK . You have of course heard of Mrs Mary Cronk MBE haven’t you? You know all about her support of women for over 5 decades as a … Continue reading Call the midwife? Call Mary Cronk!

How to engage NHS support for a planned breech birth

(Part 1 of 2) You are 36 weeks pregnant, and your midwife thinks your baby is breech. You’ve been planning a natural birth, at home, or in a beautiful midwifery-led unit . Your plans are now turned upside down. You have a lot to organise, and a limited amount of time to do it. You read up on your options: download Jane Evan’s    Breech … Continue reading How to engage NHS support for a planned breech birth