Baby Brain…or is it my inner monkey?

As we round week 30, I’m at that stage now where I feel like in all the bits of me where vital organs should be, there’s a bit of baby there instead. I am beginning to wonder whether my brain and my bladder have fallen out completely. While I think that, to a degree, the world expects and allows for pregnant women to be slower … Continue reading Baby Brain…or is it my inner monkey?

How To Keep Going When You Want to Give Up

I love working with women and inspiring them to be excited about the new life they are bringing into the world, and the amazing birth that they can have. This is my story. When the going gets tough you’re not alone but you have to find a way that works for you. My first two births had been very different, one a straight forward hospital … Continue reading How To Keep Going When You Want to Give Up

Having your second baby feels different…

Maybe it’s the focus on new beginnings that pregnancy brings, or the prospect of leaving work indefinitely (note to self: you are not leaving to lounge around writing blogs all day) but  this seems like a very good time to Try Something New. So here I am, 17 weeks into being pregnant for the second time, and very pleased to be Mama Café’s new Mama-In-Waiting-In-Residence. … Continue reading Having your second baby feels different…

How to organise a Mother Blessing

Have you heard of a Blessingway? I have read about them for many years, missed one in Spain because of the snow, yet never organised or attended one. Last weekend I was blessed to be invited to my first Blessingway or Mother Blessing of one of my clients. A Mother Blessing has been described as an alternative to the usual baby shower – which is … Continue reading How to organise a Mother Blessing

Placenta Encapsulation in Cornwall

I am a very proud mama of one very chubtastically cute 9month old boy. After becoming pregnant I began to read a lot (!) of books about natural childbirth, becoming a little obsessed with wanting to give birth in the woods – don’t ask. Each book I read however talked about the benefits of consuming your placenta postpartum. This idea had never entered my head … Continue reading Placenta Encapsulation in Cornwall