Small habits to wellness

Journal entries… 12th January 2017 “Still feeling exhausted. Aching knees and ankles. Still finding my balance, thinking about the future and how to look after the family while looking after my mind and spirit. At the moment on days off I am feeling so tired that I don;t really achieve anything. On my work days it’s ok but I want to feel I know where … Continue reading Small habits to wellness

Becoming a vegan…

Earlier this year I made a conscious decision to make the transition to veganism. My good friend Danielle had just launched her vegan food van, and I had previously taken the 30 day vegan challenge some years ago, but apart from staying with soya milk I had fell off the wagon completely. Consumption of two steaks for Friday night dinner and copious amounts of chocolate … Continue reading Becoming a vegan…

Conscious pregnancy and birth

A few years ago I studied with Kara Maria Ananda on her Conscious Birth Emissary course. It helped me expand my thoughts and awareness, and consolidate how I was feeling at the time about my work. I have long walked a path between holistic midwifery and the need to work within a medicalised system, and have found it enlightening – to be challenged in so … Continue reading Conscious pregnancy and birth

The Birth Pause

It was her first baby. She was well supported by her loving partner. They had planned and hoped for a gentle birth in the birth centre, using the hypnobirthing techniques they had learned together. But things had not quite gone that way. Here they were in a busy obstetric delivery suite, with white walls, a hospital bed and a monitor. Now I’m not one for … Continue reading The Birth Pause