Call the midwife? Call Mary Cronk!

I guess most British midwives will have heard of Ina May Gaskin, and perhaps Jennifer Worth of ‘Call the Midwife’ fame, but are you aware that we have our own midwifery legend living amongst us in the UK . You have of course heard of Mrs Mary Cronk MBE haven’t you? You know all about her support of women for over 5 decades as a … Continue reading Call the midwife? Call Mary Cronk!

How To Keep Going When You Want to Give Up

I love working with women and inspiring them to be excited about the new life they are bringing into the world, and the amazing birth that they can have. This is my story. When the going gets tough you’re not alone but you have to find a way that works for you. My first two births had been very different, one a straight forward hospital … Continue reading How To Keep Going When You Want to Give Up

Homebirth in Spain!

This article was first published in 2006 in the Association of Radical Midwives journal. A TASTE OF FREEDOM Homebirth in Spain I qualified as midwife in 2002 with the sole intention of practising independently…in Spain! I worked briefly in the UK; very nearly left the profession, and then travelled with three children, a small dog and wonderful husband to the Murcia region of Spain in … Continue reading Homebirth in Spain!