How will I know I’m in labour?

So you’ve waited 9 months and the day you’re meeting your baby is getting closer. But how will you know ‘this is it’? What will it feel like? Will you know it’s labour? What should you do? Well one thing we can say is that it’s usually nothing like you see on TV. A woman, heavily pregnant suddenly clutches her belly, the waters break, she … Continue reading How will I know I’m in labour?

Induction of labour if you’ve had a baby before!

Check out our ‘Induction of labour’ article if you haven’t seen it yet for some background info. And our ‘How to Cope with Induction of Labour’ article gives you a more in depth look at the induction process with helpful tips. Had a vaginal birth already? If this is your second or subsequent baby, and you had a previous vaginal birth, your cervix never quite … Continue reading Induction of labour if you’ve had a baby before!

What is induction of labour?

Induction of labour where your labour is started artificially will happen to around 20% of us each year in the UK. Some women can’t wait to get started in labour, meet their baby and are counting the days till the end of pregnancy. Others relish every moment they feel their baby moving inside and don’t want it to end. Or at least not until baby … Continue reading What is induction of labour?

Homebirth in Spain!

This article was first published in 2006 in the Association of Radical Midwives journal. A TASTE OF FREEDOM Homebirth in Spain I qualified as midwife in 2002 with the sole intention of practising independently…in Spain! I worked briefly in the UK; very nearly left the profession, and then travelled with three children, a small dog and wonderful husband to the Murcia region of Spain in … Continue reading Homebirth in Spain!

Make oxytocin your friend in labour

Every woman knows…and every man would probably agree…that your body is governed by hormones. Having a baby is no different. In fact when you’re in labour and whilst you’re giving birth, your hormones are the most important thing on the planet.  Before you consider where to have your baby, who’s going to be your birth partner and even if you’re planning a caesarean you should … Continue reading Make oxytocin your friend in labour